In a recent Reddit AMA on The Elder Scrolls subreddit, Bethesda and developer Zenimax revealed exactly when early access customers can start playing the game.

The game officially launches on April 4, but those who pre-order the game from Bethesda's website will get a five day head-start on the game and can begin playing next Sunday, March 30. For the exact times and dates, as revealed on Reddit, check out the list below.

For 5 day early access:

  • North America (East): 7:00 AM EDT, Sunday March 30
  • UK/IE: 12:00 PM WEST, Sunday March 30
  • Central Europe: 1:00 PM CEST, Sunday March 30
  • Sydney, Australia: 10:00 PM AEDT, Sunday March 30
  • Singapore: 7:00 PM SGT, Sunday March 30

For 3 day early access:

  • North America (East): 7:00 AM EDT, Tuesday April 1
  • UK/IE: 12:00 PM WEST, Tuesday April 1
  • Central Europe: 1:00 PM CEST, Tuesday April 1
  • Sydney, Australia: 10:00 PM AEDT, Tuesday April 1
  • Singapore: 7:00 PM SGT, Tuesday April 1

...and for launch:

  • North America (East): 7:00 PM EDT, Thursday, April 3
  • UK/IE: 12:00 AM WEST, Thursday, April 4
  • Central Europe: 1:00 AM CEST, Thursday, April 4
  • Sydney, Australia: 10:00 AM AEDT, Thursday, April 4
  • Singapore: 7:00 AM SGT, Thursday, April 4

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of The Elder Scrolls Online launch in June. For more on The Elder Scrolls Online, click the hub banner below.

[Source: Reddit, via Polygon]


Our Take
I really appreciate that the exact times have been revealed for the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online. In the age of games being available to download online, I have been frustrated on multiple occasions to learn that when a game is meant to launch on a Tuesday, for example, it actually means Tuesday afternoon and my morning of planned gaming gets tossed out the window.