As part of its Games with Gold program, Microsoft announced today that Dungeon Defenders will be free from now to Monday, March 31. Published by D3Publisher (Puzzle Quest, Earth Defense Force), Dungeon Defender combines RPGs elements with 3D tower defense gameplay set in a fantastical world.

In Dungeon Defenders up to four players can cooperate to kill bad guys, score new loot, and level up. Given that the game is free this month, finding multiplayer buddies shouldn’t be too difficult.

Developer Trendy Games is hard at work on the free-to-play Dungeon Defenders II, which is set to release this spring. Hopefully free access to the original title drums up more interest in this colorful dungeon crawler.

Our Take
Game Informer didn’t review Dungeon Defenders when it released back in 2011 on XBLA. However, it currently stands at 81 on metacritic, suggesting that folks have had a good time with the game. While free games are good, Microsoft is still lagging behind Sony’s free downloadable offerings. In comparison to 360 user’s Dungeon Defenders, which released in 2011, PS3 owners with PlayStation Plus get 2013’s stellar Tomb Raider for free this month.