Last year, we reported on Amazon’s plans to develop its own Android-based set-top box for games and media. In that report, we indicated the company was in the process of developing its own controller.

Images, obtained from Brazil's FCC-equivalent organization, show a controller with Android-style navigation buttons, media controls, and an Xbox-like thumbstick and face-button layout.

Yesterday, Amazon launched the SDK for its new AppStream service, which it suggests might be used to stream games (though not action-heavy offerings). The company also recently acquired Killer Instinct and Strider developer Double Helix.

[Source: The VergeDave Zatz, Image credit: The Verge]


Our Take
If not for the mounting evidence of Amazon’s further push into the living room, I might be skeptical. However, the controller lines up with information we started hearing about in August 2013. Given that it’s allegedly Bluetooth-based, it seems a perfect fit for AppStream, too.