According to a tweet from Darren Rovell, sports business reporter and correspondent for ESPN, we should be seeing R.B.I. Baseball '14 next month.

According to Rovell's tweet, the game will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android devices on April 10. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and possibly Wii U versions of the game were also part of the game's original announcement in January, where it said it would be launching for, "Current and next generation consoles and mobile devices."

The game is being produced by produced by Major League Baseball Advanced Media, which is a partnership of Major League Baseball's club owners and handles the digital side of MLB, including

[Source: @darrenrovell, via Joystiq]


Our Take
This release date lines up with R.B.I.'s original promised spring launch, but it's surprising considering we basically haven't seen anything from the game, other than a logo. R.B.I. Baseball '14 will be the first video game produced by the Major League Baseball Advanced Media, and I think everyone is curious to see what exactly it will look like and how it will play.