Sony and Naughty Dog have shared two behind the scenes videos from The Last of Us. The entirety of the nearly hour and a half long “Grounded” documentary and a significantly shorter look at the recent Left Behind DLC are available now.

“Grounded” takes viewers through the process of creating The Last of Us from scratch. In the video, you hear discussion about what makes working with a new IP so challenging and how Naughty Dog approaches its organization to cultivate creativity.

“From Dreams” is a nine-minute video that explores the relationship between Ellie and Riley and why it was so important to explore Ellie’s past. You can check out our review of The Last of Us (which was Game Informer’s Game of the Year for 2013) here. Our review of the Left Behind DLC is available here.


Our Take
I always prefer to watch behind the scenes videos after a game is out (and I’ve finished it). I don’t have a touchstone with work I’ve not fully experienced, and while it can be interesting to hear about mechanics and features before, you can’t really contextualize process until after. Carve out some time for these two videos.