Update: The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has completed its investigation, revealing additional details surrounding the death of Christopher Roupe.

According to The Daily Tribune News in Cartersville, Georgia, a GBI spokesperson said that Roupe opened the door with a handgun in hand. In additional clarification, two officers were present to serve two warrants, one for each of the boy's parents.

The officer involved in the shooting has served in law enforcement since 2002, and has performed over 2,000 of training since 1999. Despite being in good standing with that state's supervisory agency responsible for standards and training, 


Original Story: 

A 17-year-old boy was shot and killed in his home by a police officer on Friday, February 14. Reports from eyewitnesses suggest that when he answered the door, an officer immediately discharged her weapon and killed the young man.

Officers were at the Euharlee, Georgia home of Christopher Roupe (pictured above in ROTC uniform) and his family to serve a probation violation warrant for the boy’s father. The family attorney, Cole Law, told Atlanta television station WSB that eyewitness reports indicate that Roupe had a Wii Controller in his hand at the time. 

Reports also indicate that the officers did not identify themselves when Roupe asked before the door was opened. The police officer involved in the shooting allegedly claimed the boy pointed a BB gun directly at her. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which is handling the inquiry has not commented on the conflicting reports or even if a BB gun was taken into evidence.

The officer involved in the shooting is on mandatory administrative leave, which is standard procedure in the event of an officer-involved shooting. The funeral for Roupe will be held Friday, February 21. We have requested more information from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and will update should we receive a response. 

[Source: WSB Atlanta]


Our Take
Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Christopher Roupe and the officer who will have to bear the consequences of her actions.