Microsoft's Larry Hryb has announced that the Xbox One's new system update is live, but it may take you a few days to get it.

A post on Hryb's site announces that the February update is now live and also reminds users how Microsoft handles system updates; Xbox One systems look for updates when powered off into the "Instant On" mode, and will automatically download it during off-peak hours. Hryb says that means most players will get the update over the weekend.

As previously reported, the update allows users to manage their own storage, sort their download queue, and see the remaining battery power of controllers via an onscreen indicator. The update also adds support for USB keyboards.

[Source: Major Nelson]


Our Take
Gamers cried foul over the omission of some of these basic features at launch, so it's nice to see Microsoft has responded so quickly to patch them in. Microsoft's method for distributing system updates is a bit odd – I'd rather be able to just download the update when I want to – but I suppose waiting a few days isn't going to hurt anybody.