Happy Valentine’s Day! In between fancy dates and spending time with loved ones, we will all be squeezing in time playing video games. Or is it the other way around? Some of the staff received a Titanfall themed valentines in their inbox, courtesy of Respawn Entertainment. But some of us have confused Valentine’s Day with Halloween, and will be starting Outlast.

Jeff Marchiafava: Last night I tried to play Outlast on PS4, but it took so long to download (and I’m so old) that I fell asleep on my couch before it was ready to play. Now that it’s all set to go, hopefully I’ll be able to scare the crap out of myself all weekend. If my nerves need a break, I’ll probably also play more Civ V, and possibly check out the new update for Starbound.

Cameron Koch: Titanfall. That is all.

Kyle Hilliard: This weekend will mostly be spent with the Titanfall beta. I guess I should do some laundry, too. I also found my Game Boy Color copy of Metal Gear Solid, which I have never played. I plugged in a Game Boy Advance SP to charge it up, and think I might dive in. I hear it’s quite good.

Ben Hanson: This weekend I hope to find more time to play the Titanfall Beta. I'm playing on PC and, much to our PC editor Daniel' dismay, with a controller. It feels great and I'm hoping to have my K/D ratio in the black by the end of the weekend. Other than that, I'll probably continue dabbling in Threes on iOS and anything else that floats my way. Have a good weekend!

Isaac Federspiel: I will be spending most of my time wishing I had a machine capable of playing Titanfall. To try to make me feel better I will possibly finish Tomb Raider, and hopefully start Outlast. I might even go for some nostalgia feels and play some Kingdom Heats HD 1.5 Remix. I’ll also be playing a non-video game called Avalon with a few staff members at Ben Hanson’s place. Speaking of which, Hanson’s address goes to the highest bidder. Any takers?

Shin Hieftje: This week I bought The Last of Us, so I’m going to play a lot of that this weekend (timely, I know.) I’ll also try getting into Hearthstone and pick and choose from a massive Steam backlog. Should be fun.

Tim Turi: I’m lucky enough to have a beta code for Titanfall. I think I’ll boot up the Xbox One and hop in my huge mechanical friend and blast some fools online. Otherwise, I hope to play some more Broken Age and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Joe Juba: I've got a full gaming schedule this weekend. There's a review game that I'm pretty excited about playing, but I'm also planning to spend some more time with my second full playthrough of Lightning Returns. I've also got Bravely Default just waiting for me, and I don't think I can resist picking up Inazuma 11 on 3DS – despite the fact that I know nothing about soccer. 

What about you? Let us know what you’re playing in the comments!