Sons of Anarchy is entering its seventh, and final, season this fall, but that doesn't mean fans will have to say goodbye to Jax, Gemma, and the rest of SAMCRO. Show creator Kurt Sutter says that a game based on FX's biker drama is in the works, and that it "represents the evolution of gaming."

Sutter mentioned the game in a pair of tweets (warning: profanity), saying that it will be a first-person, action-adventure game. He didn't offer details beyond that.

[Source: @sutterink, via IGN]


Our Take
A Sons of Anarchy game has the potential to do something quite interesting, since the show likely will have finished its run by the time the game is released. With a clear roadmap of the story – including the end – the still-unnamed devs could explore the entirety of the Sons of Anarchy saga. I'm a fan of the show, and if nothing else, I'd like the opportunity to help the Sons successfully complete a gun deal. They're awful at tactical positioning and setting up ambushes; maybe it'll be my chance to see if I can do better.