The free-to-play mech shooter is moving over to Steam for its next update.

The game is still in open beta with plans to officially release this year, but the move over to Steam has already begun. If you've had an account for some time, you may have already received an e-mail with a code to redeem the game on Steam.

With the game's move over to Steam, players will need to have a Steam account in order to continue playing the game, or to play the game for the first time.

You can see the full list of updates to the game (outside of its move over to Steam) by heading here. Developer Adhesive Games have also posted a guide and an F.A.Q. for the transition, which you can see by hitting the links.

[Source: Hawken]


Our Take
Hawken is one of those games that seems to be in beta only by name, rather than by definition. I'm surprised the game was not already available on Steam as an "early access" title. In any case, it will be Vlave's distribution service soon, and will in turn reach a much broader audience.