Indie developer Wales Interactive is releasing Master Reboot on PS3 next month, and the sci-fi horror game is built on an intriguing premise.

Wales Interactive's managing director David Banner provides a rundown of Master Reboot on PlayStation.Blog, along with some screens. The most interesting aspect of the game is its fictional Soul Cloud, a server that contains the soul and memories of humans who die. The Soul Cloud generates an island for each person who buys into the service, complete with a building that houses their memories in different rooms. Something goes wrong as you're uploaded to the Soul Cloud at the start of the game, requiring you to "explore, solve puzzles, and try to piece together your life and death."

Banner also states that Master Reboot isn't focused violence and gore like most horror games but instead aims to create a haunting atmosphere. Players won't have to wait long to see if Wales Interactive succeeds in its goal; Master Reboot launches on PS3 sometime in February.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]


Our Take
I haven't heard about Master Reboot until today, but the premise has me eager to check it out. Virtually all sci-fi horror games focus on battling grotesque aliens, and while I enjoy them as much as the next action-obsessed gamer, I'll happily play a more psychological, puzzle-oriented offering from an indie developer.