Don't expect the original game to return, but the long-abandoned online multiplayer gameshow is still on Microsoft's mind.

Speaking with Polygon, Microsoft's general manager for lifestyle entertainment Dave McCarthy said the game is remembered fondly by those at Microsoft. "The approach is something we really enjoyed. We will do something in the future for Xbox One that is like that, because spiritually we thought it was a pretty cool experience ourselves," McCarthy said.

The game was based on the structure of the television game show of the same name and pitted one player against 100 others in rounds of trivia at specific dates and times. It launched in 2009, and shut down later that year.

"The notion of bringing a large number of people together in both a social and let's say a more casual gaming format is something we believe in a lot. In some ways 1 vs. 100 was a little bit ahead of its time. From a production perspective it gave us a few challenges in terms of the sheer effort to bring that to market on a regular basis," McCarthy told Polygon.

[Source: Polygon]


Our Take
I was late to the 1 vs. 100 party, so I only got a chance to play once before it was abandoned – and I have always been disappointed I didn't play more when I had the opportunity. I don't think McCarthy is being presumptuous in his claim that the game was before its time. There really hasn't been anything else like it and I hope Microsoft does pursue a similarly structured massively multiplayer trivia game in the future.