Gran Turismo fans have been waiting for the second half of the Red Bull Challenge. That content is available in a new update available today.

The 1.04 update also brings the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Racing Series and the Corvette Stingray Gran Turismo Concept. Both can be obtained by competing in the new seasonal event.

Players will also find themselves in receipt of a birthday gift. You’ll be getting an in-game vehicle from near the year of your birth within a week of your birthday.

The new update also removes an option to remove ghost replays in arcade mode time trial and free run quick mode. Additionally, Polyphony Digital has added information to the seasonal events so players can see the available prizes. To find out if Gran Turismo 6 is the racer for you, check out our review.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
The birthday cars are a neat idea, and I know we have readers who will be glad to see the second half of the Red Bull Challenge (after an erroneous alert set expectations for a January 1 release). The tweaks to ghost replays and seasonal event info come from fan requests, and it’s always good to see a developer responding in ways that make sense.