Nightmare Busters is a brand new game that you can only get for the Super Nintendo.

Technically, despite the headline, Nightmare Busters is not entirely new. It was in development in 1994, but was cancelled before it was ever able to make it to the Super Nintendo. A build of the game surfaced in 2007, and some fans began working with the original developers to complete the game and bring it to the Super Nintendo. Pre-orders began in 2012, but physical copies of the game are only now going out to players who purchased the game. Wired's Chris Kohler was among the recipients and describes the box, which is modeled after the original packaging for Super Nintendo games, as feeling authentic. The cartridge is shaped in such a way that it will fit into any Super Nintendo console, regardless of region.

The two-player action game stars a pair of leprechauns protecting kids from Tyrant, who has conceived a way to enter the dreams of children.

If you missed the original pre-order window, you can still purchase the game, but it will take awhile for you to receive a copy. Orders are open to everyone worldwide and the game is $70 plus shipping and handling. You can buy the game here.

Thanks to Vince Vazquez for the news tip!

[Source: Nightmare Busters, via Wired]


Our Take
Nightmare Busters is a strange, but very cool anomaly. This isn't the first time a game has been released this way – made available only for a long expired console – but, it's always cool to see it happen.