Did you hear the good news? The Game Informer community witnessed an increase in the number of user blogs posted this week and hit a fourteen-week high in the number of them featured in Blog Herding. And why not? The video game industry is still settling from the console transition and gamers have a lot to say about it.

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Period Reviewed: January 06, 20132014 – January 12, 2014
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Community Blogs:

2013: The Watershed Games
The end of the year recap blogs have slowed to a trickle with this very likely being the final week we see them. David Chandler muses about his picks for defining games from the year.

This Indie Game Just Revolutionized Storytelling In Games
Gamers have been praising The Stanley Parable for its uniqueness in storytelling, and despite a minor spoiler or two, Doctor Apozem's commentary on the game is definitely worth reading.

Where Is Gaming Going?
LetMeGetToACheckpoint summarizes some of the new features found in what is now the current generation of gaming platforms, and how these new innovations will affect the future of gaming.

I Don't Understand Nintendo
Nintendo continues to frustrate many of its followers who are patiently waiting for new titles to be released, and even those gamers like WS-N who don't own Nintendo consoles but hold the company in high regard.

My Top Ten Games Of The Generation
It has almost become a requirement for Blog Herding to feature at least one Top Ten list. This week features a list by Masterassassin, discussing his picks for the best last-generation games.

Weekend At MAGfest
Arkayde attended the Music and Gaming Festival (MAGFest) last week in the DC metro area and was nice enough to blog about the event, including some pictures from the floor.

My Estranged Relationship With Final Fantasy
The Destroyer characterizes his self-described estranged relationship with the Final Fantasy brand and how he has set himself a goal of finishing FFVI.

Bring Me That Horizon: My Most Anticipated Games Of 2014
What game are you most excited for in 2014? Tim Gruver shares a list of games he is eagerly waiting for, with a selection that will almost certainly include something you're also interested in.

Gray Is Boring
Video games are known to present gray areas in terms of morality, leaving gamers wondering if their decisions were right or wrong. HarmlessKiller wants more focus on the black and white choices.

On The High Seas!
Who knew that a Zelda game and an Assassin's Creed game shared a similarity? Thanks to blaze6106 for pointing out that in early games you couldn't swim and in later games you were on the water.

My Most Disturbing Creatures In Popular Horror Franchises
The horror genre has scared us with all sorts of creepy creatures. Boxcar182 highlights some of the more disturbing beasts with unsettling photos of each to illustrate why they were included.

The Left Of Us – Southpaw Gaming In A Right-Handed World
Chances are you've never thought about what a left-handed controller would look and feel like, unless of course you're a left-handed gamer. Check out the image on maxmaher's post and you'll know.

When Gameplay And Story Contradict
Turkey pens a remarkable piece concerning the concept of ludonarrative dissonance, the conflict between a game's narrative and gameplay, and how it relates to a few other games.

Community Reviews:

The Minish Cap: A Smaller Big Adventure
When gamers discuss Zelda titles, The Minish Cap is not one that gets a lot of attention. That doesn't stop Thomas Stensland from praising the game and awarding it a high score.

The Walking Dead Season Two: "All That Remains" Review
Josh Kowbel survives another episode of The Walking Dead saga, this time as Clementine. Kowbel chronicles his adventures in this review of "All that Remains," the first chapter from season two.

Community Podcasts:

The JIM Show Season 2 Episode 30
It's only fitting that an episode of the Jacked Up Indie & Mojo show discussing video games and The Hobbit would be as long as the movie and require a trilogy. Rated M for Mature audiences.

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