Microsoft's game creation tool, Project Spark, is getting ready to begin the closed beta process for its Xbox One version.

The beta for the Windows 8 version of the game began in December, and if you were lucky enough receive a code to participate in that beta test of the game, you will automatically be able to check out the Xbox One version of the game, as well. If you gave away your Windows 8 code having been only interested in testing out the Xbox One version of the game, developer Team Dakota is planning to send out additional codes.

The Xbox One closed beta begins in February, but there is no exact date on when it will begin, according to the game's official Facebook page.

If you're interested in getting Project Spark's closed beta, you can sign up by heading here.

For more on the game you can see it in action here, and see our impressions of the game when it was shown at E3 here.

[Source: Project Spark Facebook]


Our Take
Project Spark is one of those vague, not-quite-a-game games that I'm curious to try out. It's success will likely hinge on what its fans are able to build with it, and I'm excited to see some creative results.