Two burglars forced their way into game developer Robotoki's Los Angeles-based offices last night, but were quickly detoured by the company's president Robert Bowling.

After smashing in a door's window, a man entered the office, but was quickly rushed out of the building by Bowling, who ran down a staircase to the location of the break in. The would-be robber barely had enough time to take a step before Bowling made his presence known. The man turned and fled through the door's window frame. Bowling didn't follow. He stood at the door, and watched the men flee. "Unfortunately for them, I work late," Bowling said in tweet. The incident was recorded by a security camera, which Bowling posted on Instagram.

This isn't Robotoki's only invasion. Police stormed the offices last summer after they spotted what appeared to be a man in military fatigues holding an assault rifle in one of Robotoki's windows. Bowling was again at the center of it. After realizing the man was a statue, and that this wasn't a terrorist or hostage situation, the officers talked games with Bowling.


Our Take
While we admire Bowling's courageous crime fighting, we generally advise leaving police work to the professionals.