At the company's CES press conference, Sony PlayStation Entertainment CEO Andrew House revealed robust sales numbers for the company's new game console.

House said that, on a worldwide basis, the company has "sold through" 4.2 million PlayStation 4 units through December 28, 2013. The term "sell through" is important, as that indicates units actually sold to consumers, not just units shipped out to retail or sitting on store shelves.

This would put Sony 1.2 million units ahead of Microsoft's Xbox One, which Microsoft recently revealed has sold 3 million units worldwide.

Our Take:
It's an impressive start for Sony, and seems to confirms the impression that the PlayStation 4 was generating a bit more excitement among consumers than the Xbox One. That said, it's important not to read too much into these numbers. PlayStation 4 did have a week head start, and often the initial sales figures of any system are more a result of production and manufacturing bandwidth than consumer demand. This race is far from over, and both companies have had very successful launches.