Dead Rising 3's Operation Broken Eagle DLC is getting a small delay from its initial December 27 release date to late January.

According to Capcom, the delay is necessary to add further polish to the DLC.

Adding new content to the massive open world of Los Perdidos is a major undertaking, and to ensure we provide the best possible experience for players, we are putting a few additional weeks of polish and testing into the episode before it’s released. Stay tuned for additional updates.

The DLC will now be available on January 21. It's the first of a few planned DLC additions to the game. On it's own, the DLC will be $9.99, but is also included in the $29.99 season pass.

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Our Take
Considering the fact that many people will be receiving Xbox Ones as Christmas presents, and will be playing Dead Rising 3 for the first time on that day, it seems like there is no need to rush out DLC. This small delay will hopefully offer more players a chance to get through the core game.