The Humble Bundle's weekly sale shines a spotlight on ACE Team's Zeno Clash 1 & 2, as well other titles that you can get for a good price – and put the money toward a good cause.

Publishers Atlus and Tripwire Interactive are behind the games included in the bundle, like Rock of Ages and Dwarfs. Here's how it works: You pay $1 or more, and you get 4 games (Zeno Clash, Zeno Clash 2, Killing Floor, Dwarfs). For a few extra bucks, you also get Rock of Ages and Rising Storm. The proceeds from Humble Bundle sales go to Child's Play and American Red Cross.

If you're interested, check out the trailer below for Zenoclash 2 to get an idea for what you'd be playing. 


Our Take
Zeno Clash and the other games included in the bundle may not be high-profile blockbusters, but they certainly have their fans. Plus, considering the cost and the cause, you can't really go wrong.