Love it or hate it, 2013 was the year of the Vine tease. This time, Telltale Games has two six-second clips of the upcoming premiere of The Walking Dead Season 2.

In the first, we see Clementine mournfully looking at a photograph of Lee. As you might recall, he was the player character in the first season.

In the second, we see a new character who might be talking to Omid. Omid was a minor player in the first season of The Walking Dead, but he’s been confirmed for a return.

Based on Steam and Xbox Live listings, we’re expecting the PC version of the episode one, All That Remains on December 17. The Xbox Live version should be along a day later. You can read a new interview with Telltale about season two here.

[Source @TelltaleGames (1), (2)]


Our Take
The Walking Dead was Telltale’s coming out party. The episodic adventure put the studio on the radar for many gamers. Telltale has bitten off a lot with The Walking Dead Season 2, The Wolf Among Us, and now two new projects (Tales from the Borderlands and Game of Thrones). Here’s hoping that bite wasn’t more than Telltale can chew.