Update: Thanks for commenting! We have chosen the winners and will soon be sending their Destiny beta codes through messaging. If you didn't receive a code, you'll have another opportunity on Thursday when we'll give away 25 more codes.

Tell us what single feature you are most curious about in Bungie’s upcoming shooter for a chance to win one of 25 free codes for the Destiny beta.

We just revealed our upcoming January cover for Destiny, but we know you’re eager to lock up your slot in the beta. If you’re not sure yet if you’re going to pre-order, this month should give you an opportunity to make up your mind.

As we get started on a month of coverage for Destiny, we’re interested to hear what you most want to know about the game. Hopefully, between our 14-page cover story and a dozen planned features and videos coming throughout the month, we’ll be able to answer your question along the way. 

Hop down to the comments thread below and ask a single question about Destiny that you’re hoping to learn more about. We can’t promise whether we’ll be able to answer or not, but we do promise that we’ll select 25 random respondents to receive a Destiny beta code. We’ll hand out codes to the winners via private message to your gameinformer.com account tomorrow (Wednesday).

If you receive a code, you’ll need to head to Bungie’s redemption page.  You'll also need to sign up for a Bungie account if you don't already have one. Then just input your code to lock your slot in the beta. NOTE: Your code is not platform specific. Testers will be able to choose which platform to play on as Bungie gets closer to beta launch.

Didn’t receive a code? We’ll have another chance to win access to the beta on Thursday, December 5th. 

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