Last week, Konami revealed that the PS4 version of Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes would feature an exclusive Déjà Vu Mission. Not to be outdone, Microsoft just revealed that the Xbox One will be getting exclusive content of its own for the game.

We don't know many details, but Microsoft revealed that it would also be getting some exclusive Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes content during Spike TV's Xbox One launch show. We'll have to be patient for more details, but it sounds like the Xbox One's content will be different from the PS4 content, hence the term exclusive.

[Source: Joystiq]


Our Take
This is cool news for Xbox fans, but awkward news for Metal Gear diehards. Which version do you get if you want the complete Metal Gear 5 experience? Both? Do we have to wait a year for the special edition that includes all the content? Will the extra content be DLC for the other console? We'll just have to wait until the game gets closer to launch to get some of these answers.