Xbox One is shipping with two slightly different versions. People who pre-ordered the "Day One" edition will receive a limited edition black box, whereas everyone else will get a green box. Outside of the difference in box color, the Day One edition packs two differences: a controller with a commemorative "Day One 2013" marking, and an insert holding a code redeemable for a "Day One" achievement.

My Xbox One box is a bit scuffed up, leading me to believe it was used in an impromptu floor hockey match before leaving the factory.

Lifting the flap up reveals a consistent black theme. The guts of the standard edition are all white.

Here's the Day One controller. There isn't a blotch of color on the directional pad. That's just light reflecting off of it.

The unit comes in a black sleeve.

The unit is free of Day One markings and is identical to the standard edition.

This is the front of the achievement insert.

This is the messaging above the achievement code.

And here's the achievement. The details: "You are one of the first to experience a new generation of entertainment. Welcome to Xbox One." It doesn't add any points to gamerscore.


Our Take
Commemorating a day one purchase with a slightly different version is a fun little thing for fans. The unique controller and achievement are nice touches, allowing people to show their friends and people online that they were one of the first to get it.