The NPD has released a statement indicating that this year’s third quarter is significantly better than the same period last year. Growth in new physical games, digital full titles, and downloadable content on consoles and PCs drove a 17 percent jump this quarter.

NPD reports that $3.45 billion were spent on video game content in the third quarter of 2013. This is up from $1.59 billion during third quarter 2012. There's no doubt that Grand Theft Auto V helped this along.

In addition to the segments showing significant growth, every sector except one. Spending on social network gaming continues to decrease.


Our Take
If you’re one of the many Facebook users afflicted with annoying game messages in your feed, there’s hope. The decline in social network gaming isn’t a surprise, and as you might recall, EA has been on a campaign to get out of the segment. Zynga bet big on Facebook and it’s suffering for focusing too narrowly, too.

Overall, this is extremely good news for the industry. As the new consoles start to have an impact, we’re likely to see more growth. Attach rates seem to be high, and it’s nigh impossible to find a PlayStation 4 on the shelf right now.