Let’s say you just hooked up your Xbox One and turned it on. How easy and fast is it to log in using your old Xbox 360 profile? The answer is very easy and fast.

Just like importing your profile from one Xbox 360 to another, all you need is the email address and password associated with your account. You just enter those in, and your old info is brought over. From there, you just have a few simple choices to make, like what color scheme you want for your dashboard.

If you have Kinect hooked up, you’ll also be given the option to associate your face with your account. That way, the console will recognize you and log you in once the Kinect camera detects you. Fellow GI editor Jeff Cork, who also has an account on the Xbox One I was using, walked by my desk as I was playing around with the system. He was just quickly passing through, but the camera picked him up and logged him in.

A few other things to note: Once you’re logged in, you should go to your settings menu (it’s under “My games & apps”) to tweak your privacy settings. You may also want to select a new picture, since your old gamerpic from 360 will look hilariously small in the allotted space. See my Soundwave picture above for reference.

That’s pretty much it. Everything you had before, including achievements and the associated Gamerscore, make the move over to the new hardware without a hitch.