I'm the kind of gamer that buys a Madden title every few years. I'll occasionally get the itch to play FIFA. I'm not what you'd call a diehard sports gamer, but I do know how to appreciate one that look great and plays extremely well. I also know that the immediate post-launch window is thin on titles, which makes gamers more flexible about buying games they might not otherwise.

I played NBA 2K14 today and I think it's likely to be the Fight Night: Round 3 of this generation. For those that don't recall, EA's boxing sim was extremely popular beyond its normal audience. It was one of the first titles on the Xbox 360 that felt really "next gen," and that meant that many who've never watched a fight gave it a try.

NBA 2K14 has that same feel. The visuals are extremely well polished, the audio includes real interviews that fit the events of the game, and the Eco-Motion engine creates largely natural movements that surpass much of what we've seen before. In short, if you're like me and want to enjoy as many new, great experiences on next-gen consoles, NBA 2K14 is worth a look.