For a limited time, Sony is rewarding PlayStation 4 buyers with a trio of bonuses. One of them means that everyone will have access to Resogun and Contrast for free on day one.

In every PlayStation 4 box, Sony will be including vouchers for 30 days of PlayStation Plus, 30 days of PlayStation music, and $10 in PlayStation Store credit. PlayStation Plus gives you access to free games (as long as your membership is current), which means everyone will be able to download and play Instant Game Collection titles on November 15.

Sony hasn’t specified how long this offer will be hanging around for. If you’re getting a console at launch though, you can expect to find these nestled up against your PS4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


Our Take
Sony’s approach with PlayStation Plus since the introduction of Instant Game Collection has been brilliant. Hooking people with free games during the PS3 era meant building a subscriber base that offered less resistance to moving multiplayer behind the paywall. Including a free month for everyone at launch is a smart incentive that will convert new owners into long-term subscribers.