Apple has just announced that the new version of its operating system, Mavericks, will be free starting today. Users will be able to download an upgrade app from the App Store on Mac computers.

Regardless of which version of the operating system you're currently running, the Mavericks upgrade will be a single step. The availability of Mavericks was announced alongside new Mac Books shipping today.


Our Take
The new innovations in Mavericks, like link sharing, improved calendar, and memory compression that allows 4GB of RAM to be used as 6GB, seem like they will improve the performance of even legacy hardware. Whether that would be enough to move users off the dime or not is a matter of individual preference.

However, now when users have problems, Apple can suggest that they upgrade the operating system for free. This will make it easier for support techs and "geniuses" to troubleshoot hardware, since most recent devices will have access to Mavericks.