A former developer for Valve and Raven is one of the team that's attempting to bring another competing product into the crowded 3D goggle space.

CastAR is a bit different from the Occulus Rift though, as it's more along the lines of an augmented reality experience (which we've seen a primitive version of with the 3DS). On the team's Kickstarter page, you can watch a video, and it's pretty impressive technology. Also, unlike the Occulus and other VR headsets, it's done with a small, lightweight set of glasses and projectors, making it much less bulky. The video shows off everything from traditional flight combat to Skylanders-style RF figurines to a online, connected game of table-top Dungeons & Dragons enhanced with real-time graphics. The unit is being developed by designer Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson, a former developer at Raven and Valve.

As of this writing, the Kickstarter has raised $316,437 of its $400,000 goal, making this a sure bet to get funded in the next 30 days.

Our Take:
I'm still a bit of a skeptic about this new generation of 3D/VR/AR goggles, but I'm pretty impressed by this Kickstarter. I think a small, light design is very important to making this a consumer product that will be embraced. I'm not as sold on the odd "magic wand" controller, but I really admire what they've managed to do so far on a shoestring budget.