If you are a parent with a Skylanders fan in the house (or a Skylanders fan yourself), you might be wondering which figures are coming out this year and when you'll be able to get them. This handy checklist will be updated with new information as we have it.

The first thing to know is that this year's set has four different kinds of figures: swap characters, new standard characters, returning characters, and lightcore figures. In addition, there are both adventure packs (a bundle with a new level, two items, and an exclusive character) and battle packs (two characters and a new multiplayer arena).

Battle and adventure packs will retail for $25. Swap characters are $15, lightcore figures are $13, and regular characters are $10. Swap characters can switch their tops and bottoms with others (there are 16 in total). Series 2 and Series 3 returning figures have an ultimate "Wow Pow" ability. Lightcore figures glow on the portal and also explode and deal damage when entering the game. 

As a reminder, all your figures work across platforms, and the Spyro's Adventure and Giants characters are usable in Swap Force.

Here's what we know right now:

Standard home console starter pack (Wii U, Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

  • Wash Buckler
  • Blast Zone
  • Ninja Stealth Elf

Collector's Edition with "Dark" figures (only available at GameStop - Wii U, Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

  • Dark Stealth Elf
  • Dark Spyro
  • Dark Slobbertooth
  • Dark Blast Zone
  • Dark Wash Buckler 

3DS Version

  • Volcanic Eruptor
  • Rattle Shake
  • Free Ranger

Wave 1 Skylanders (available on October 13 alongside game)

  • Countdown
  • Roller Brawl
  • Zoo Lou
  • Slobber Tooth
  • Pop Thorn - Available with Tower of Time Adventure Pack
  • Bumble Blast - Available with Fiery Forge Battle Pack
  • Star Strike (Lightcore)
  • Grim Creeper (Lightcore)
  • Smolderdash (Lightcore)
  • Flashwing (Lightcore)
  • Warnado (Lightcore)
  • Mega Ram Spyro (Series 3)
  • Knockout Terrafin (Series 3) - Available with Fiery Forge Battle Pack
  • Super Gulp Pop Fiz (Series 2)
  • Blizzard Chill (Series 2)
  • Lava Barf Eruptor (Series 3)
  • Free Ranger (Swap)
  • Hoot Loop (Swap)
  • Rattle Shake (Swap)
  • Magna Charge (Swap)

Wave 2 Skylanders (available now everywhere) 

  • Fire Kraken (Swap)
  • Night Shift (Swap)
  • Grilla Drilla (Swap)
  • Boom Jet (Swap)
  • Scorp
  • Rip Tide
  • Star Strke (non-Lightcore version)
  • Heavy Duty Sprocket (Series 2)
  • Knockout Terrafin (Series 3) - Also available now in Fiery Forge Battle Pack.
  • Twin Blade Chop Chop (Series 3)
  • Anchors Away Gill Grunt (Series 3)
  • Big Bang Trigger Happy (Series 3)

Wave 3 Skylanders (Note: Stink Bomb opens final traversal zones for stealth-based characters. All areas of the game are now accessible provided you have the compatible characters.)

  • Rubble Rouser (Swap)
  • Stink Bomb (Swap)
  • Spy Rise (Swap)
  • Dune Bug
  • Smolderdash
  • Countdown (Lightcore)
  • Wham-Shell (Lightcore)
  • Phantom Cynder (Series 3)
  • Hyper Beam Prism Break (Series 3)
  • Horn Blast Whirlwind (Series 3)
  • Jolly Bumble Blast - Christmas-themed Bumble Blast (likely time-limited)

Wave 4 Skylanders

  • Freeze Blade (Swap)
  • Trap Shadow (Swap)
  • Fryno
  • Punk Shock
  • Scratch
  • Fire Bone Hot Dog (Series 2)
  • Turbo Jet-Vac (Series 2)
  • Springtime Trigger Happy - Riding a large Easter Egg (Limited Edition)

Wave 5 Skylanders

  • Doom Stone (Swap)
  • Bumble Blast (Lightcore)

Additionally, Lightcore Hex from Skylander Giants is available with the release of Skylanders: Swap Force.

Retailer Exclusives available now

  • Enchanted Hoot Loop (Swap) -Walmart
  • Star Strike - Walmart (in a three-pack with Mega Ram Spyro and Super Gulp Pop Fizz)
  • Nitro Magna Charge - Target (in a two-pack with either Rattle Shake or Free Ranger)
  • Legendary Grim Creeper (Lightcore) - Toys R Us
  • Legendary Free Ranger (Swap) - Toys R Us
  • Legendary Night Shift (Swap) - Toys R Us
  • Legendary Zoo Lou - Toys R Us
  • Jade Fire Kraken - Toys R Us

And here's the full list with compatibility guide (SA = Spyro's Adventure, G = Giants, SF = Swap Force):


  • Blast Zone (SF)
  • Fire Kraken (SF)
  • Smolderdash (SF)
  • Smloderdash - Lightcore (SF)
  • Fryno (SF)
  • Lava Barf Eruptor - Series 3 (SA, G, SF)
  • Hot Dog - Series 2 (G, SF)


  • Wash Buckler (SF)
  • Freeze Blade (SF)
  • Wham Shell - Series 2 (SA, G, SF)
  • Punk Shock (SF)
  • Rip Tide (SF)
  • Blizzard Chill - Series 2 (G, SF)
  • Gill Grunt - Series 3 (SA, G, SF)


  • Rubble Rouser (SF)
  • Doom Stone (SF)
  • Flashwing - Lightcore (G, SF)
  • Prism Break - Series 3 (SA, G, SF)
  • Knockout Terrafin - Series 3 - Available in Fiery Forge battle pack (SA, G, SF)
  • Scorp (SF)
  • Slobber Tooth (SF)


  • Stink Bomb (SF)
  • Grill Drilla (SF)
  • Bumble Blast - Available in Fiery Forge battle pack (SF)
  • Bumble Blast - Lightcore (SF)
  • Zoo Lou (SF)
  • Ninja Stealth Elf - Series 3 (SA, G, SF) 
  • Thorn Horn Camo - Series 3 (SA, G, SF)


  • Free Ranger (SF)
  • Boom Jet (SF)
  • Warnado - Series 3 (SA, G, SF)
  • Horn Blast Whirlwind - Series 3 (SA, G, SF)
  • Turbo Jet Vac - Series 3 (G, SF)
  • Pop Thorn - Available in Tower of Time adventure pack (SF)
  • Scratch (SF)


  • Magna Charge (SF)
  • Spy Rise (SF)
  • Countdown (SF)
  • Countdown - Lightcore (SF)
  • Wind Up (SF)
  • Heavy Duty Sprocket - Series 2 (G, SF)
  • Big Bang Trigger Happy - Series 3 (SA, G, SF)


  • Hoot Loop (SF)
  • Trap Shadow (SF)
  • Star Strike (SF)
  • Star Strike - Lightcore (SF)
  • Dune Bug (SF)
  • Super Gulp Pop Fizz - Series 2 (G, SF)
  • Mega Ram Spyro - Series 3 (SA, G, SF)


  • Rattle Shake (SF)
  • Night Shift (SF)
  • Grim Creeper (SF)
  • Grim Creeper - Lightcore (SF)
  • Roller Brawl (SF)
  • Twin Blade Chop Chop - Series 3 (SA, G, SF)
  • Phantom Cynder (SA, G, SF)

Because of the new tech in the swap characters, everyone will need to purchase a new portal (included in the starter pack). There are different figures included in each (listed above).

Also bear in mind that retailers typically offer exclusive variants. Some of these appear different in-game and have improved stats. Others are simply cosmetic enhancements to the figures. 

We also have a list of official accessories made by PowerA that are available for Skylanders (click for images).

We'll be updating this list as more figures become available. Skylanders: Swap Force is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Wii, and 3DS.