It's no surprise when Square Enix announces that a title from its back catalog is coming to mobile devices. The next title to get the iOS and mobile treatment will be Final Fantasy VI.

The news comes by way of Kotaku, which spoke with director and producer Takashi Tokita. The title will offer a revamped battle system to prevent the need for excessive grinding, and the graphics will be enhanced.

The new version of Final Fantasy VI (originally released in North America on the Super Nintendo in 1994 as Final Fantasy III) will be out on mobile devices this winter.

[Source: Kotaku]


Our Take
This port is likely going to be expensive...and by that I mean more expensive than the digital platforms you can already get it on. As much as I love Final Fantasy VI (it's my favorite in the series), I can't help but wince every time Square Enix milks one of its games like this. I'm not shelling out $15 or $20 for a 20-year-old game. The title currently sells for $10 on PlayStation Network.