Stardock Mobile is the official name for Stardock Corporation’s new mobile division, which will focus on strategy games within the lucrative mobile space. The new branch of publishing has three titles in the works, including two titles called Hero Busters and Star Trails that are both targeting a 2014 release. Early screenshot glimpses of both are below.

Hero Busters

Star Trails

In the meantime, Stardock Mobile is already close to release for Dead Man’s Draw (pictured at top), a pirate-themed game that combines puzzle, strategy, and card game mechanics to confront a variety of enemy swashbucklers. 

Dead Man’s Draw is targeting release on iOS sometime in October. 



Stardock has proven itself a capable publisher and developer of games in the PC strategy space for years. Some of their games have been great, like Sins of the Solar Empire, while others like Elemental were pretty rough upon initial release. In both cases, Stardock was attentive to fans in the months after release, and worked to make improvements. It’s great to see Stardock entering the world of mobile games; we can hope that their eye for complex strategic simulation, and attentiveness to fans, manages to cross over onto the new platforms.