We've seen a number of fun things come out of the Oculus Rift creator community. We've seen heads chopped off and a man suspend himself from a tree to simulate skydiving (note: please do not sue Oculus VR if you fall out of a tree). Today we'll finally get to bullseye a ray-shielded shaft as if it were a womprat.

Boone Calhoun has recreated the Death Star trench run scene from Star Wars Episode IV. You'll be able to blast turret towers, but the demo video ends before TIE Fighters and Darth Vader's TIE Advanced enter the fray. That also means we don't get to see the Death Star blow up after turning off the targeting computer and pumping two photon torpedoes into that shaft.

Here's hoping that the full version takes players through the end of that dramatic sequence. Poor Porkins.