Soulcalibur is getting the free-to-play treatment with Lost Swords exclusively on PlayStation 3. The game had previously been announced for Japan and Europe, but now it has been conformed for North America.

The familiar characters and fighting mechanics return, with the addition of loot. Players will be able to forge and discover new weapons as they fight their way through opponents. New weapons will be dropped by enemies, as well as raw materials for creating new elemental-infused weapons. Combat success will be based on choosing the right weapon for the right battle.

The game will be available this winter, only on PlayStation 3. It's unclear exactly how the game will be monetized, but the presumption is that additional characters will be for sale, as well as the randomized loot.


Our Take
Free-to-play seems to be the new model for fighting games with the recent Tekken and the upcoming Killer Instinct. Of all the genres to fit the mold, it seems like fighting games might be the best. Players often focus on perfecting the combat of a single fighter, which serves a free-to-play game well when you don't necessarily want to spend a lot of money on it.