Rockstar's games are as much rampage playgrounds as they are satirical mirrors of our society. When you need a break from completing missions and progressing Grand Theft Auto V's the story, there's always carnage to keep you occupied. As usual, Rockstar has included a number of cheat codes to make this more enjoyable.

Cheat Code Central has compiled the list, but we have not yet had the opportunity to test all of these, and using them will disable your ability to earn achievements and trophies. Make sure you save before using them so you can resume your progress when you've gotten the insanity out of your system.

Whether you want to play with your wanted level, give yourself explosive ammunition, or generate any number of different vehicles, these codes have you covered. You can check out the Xbox 360 list and the PlayStation 3 list at Cheat Code Central.

[Source: Cheat Code Central]


Our Take
I miss the days of cheat codes, especially ones that give players the chance to experiment and make more out of game systems than the "normal" experience allows. Allowing players to drop a tank or helicopter into Los Santos is sure to create some memorable videos. Just remember to follow Rockstar's rules when you post them.