FlatOut developer Bugbear Entertainment (Ridge Racer Unbounded, Flat Out) hasn't settled on a name for its currently titled Next Car Game project (at least we hope they haven't). That has stopped the team from showing off just how excited they are to destroy some motor vehicles.

In the video below, you can see a number of different ways Bugbear has tested its tech. What starts out as a simple collision experiment evolves into a experiment in grinding, smashing, and demolishing.

You can preorder Next Car Game via Bugbear's website for early access and vote for it through Steam's Greenlight program.


Our Take
As a fan of Burnout and, more recently, Need for Speed, I'm thrilled to see that the art of automobile destruction is being advanced. I don't know what "Next Car Game" will be called or how it will be structured, but I'm interested.