Red 5 Studios, the developer behind Firefall, has made the decision to suspend the PvP aspect of the game so that it can, "Regroup, rethink, and deliver the best PvP system we can that can be enjoyed by everyone."

PvP has been an important focus for Red 5 Studios, but players just aren't interested. The last stab at a dedicated PvP mode was with a mode called Jetball, which attracted less than 3% of PvP players.

"PvP has suffered as our focus has had to focus on the popular PvE part of our game. People want more content, fewer bugs, and more polish on these world systems. For these reasons, we have made the tough decision to suspend PvP and take the system offline so that we can rethink it and relaunch it." Red 5 Studios CEO Mark Kern said in a posting on the Firefall site, "PvP is an important part of our game, and we want to get it right."

Kern didn't reveal when PvP would be going offline, or when it would return, saying that aspect of the game will relaunch, "when it's ready."

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[Source: Firefall, via Joystiq]


Our Take
Red 5 Studios is probably making the right decision here. In the long-term, PvP is incredibly important to the financial and player-retention health of the game. If it disappears for few weeks or months, and comes back much stronger, it will outweigh the cost of it disappearing for a period of time.