Microsoft got off to a rocky start with its reveal of the Xbox One and the subsequent stumbles at E3. Things have been on a better path, especially since the departure of Don Mattrick. Unfortunately, the company is still having trouble getting the revisions out to the broadest reaches of the console consumer base. A new infographic might help that.

The infographic covers seven different points, many of which represent changes, clarifications, and new information since the Xbox One reveal. Most importantly, Microsoft is making sure potential customers know that the device does not need to be online except for initial setup and updates.

The DRM issues related to full installs has been changed. There are those that still believe the Xbox One won't allow used games and trading in, a policy that was changed months ago.

[Source: Microsoft]


Our Take
Microsoft is headed in the right direction, but it still has to work hard to shake the baggage of its terrible Xbox One reveal. Unfortunately, reaching the fringes of the consumer base to share the good news is going to require a concentrated, consistent, and relentless campaign.

Expect much more bite-sized information like this in the weeks leading up to the Xbox One's release and through the holiday season. The Xbox One that's arriving here on November 22 isn't the same one we were introduced to on May 21.