The PlayStation 4 is out on November 15, and Sony may be adding another piece to the console puzzle – a virtual reality headset.

CVG reports that sources say it will be unveiled at Tokyo Game Show (September 19-22), and that internal developer Evolution Studios is already working with the device for possible use with DriveClub.

The website says it was told that the headset will be sold separately from the PlayStation 4 and that Sony is currently trying to figure out if it wants to position the device as integral to the PS4 experience or as an add-on.

It's unknown if the headset is related to the currently available HMZ T-2 3D viewer.

[Source: CVG]


Our Take
If true, this smells like another Sony peripheral that few will be interested in which represents nothing more than a diversion for the company. Besides, the Oculus Rift has a clear headstart in terms of both developers and public interest.