Final Fantasy XIV has had a long, tortured road, and things aren't getting better yet. Now in its second incarnation, the title is facing hefty server problems.

Last weekend, the doors were opened for early access (granted to pre-orders). Reports from users around the world indicate that server status was spotty at best, leaving many frustrated.

The problems seem to have continued, though Square Enix is touting this as an "overwhelmingly positive response." The decision to put a hold on digital sales is likely intended to keep the problem from getting worse rather than a standalone fix. The company will still need to bolster the servers to handle the existing populations. Even if you can't play, you can check out an extended trailer here.

[Source: Square Enix Facebook] 


Our Take
I'm starting to believe that a smooth MMO launch is actually bad news. The silver lining of crushed servers is that people really want to play the game (even if they are incensed about not being able to do so).

At this point, any publisher that doesn't factor a make-right into the budget to compensate for a terrible launch is kidding itself. A temporary hold on digital sales will give Square Enix time to even out server populations (and let early adopters know how their time will be compensated).