Microsoft is proud of its Xbox One controller, and rightly so. We're fans of the new input device, and Microsoft put together a video and an infographic to showcase all the work that went into its creation.

You can check out the video below, where Microsoft's controller designer break down all the functions, changes, and minor touches that make the new controller lovely to hold. You can also see the infographic that details the new additions in text form.

[Via: Kotaku]


Our Take
A few of our editors have already spent quite a bit of time with the new controller, and they always come away with good impressions. I was only able to hold the controller for a few moments at E3 for a technical demo of the device's capabilities, and even in that short amount of time, I liked what I felt. New controllers are always tricky for a new console, but early impressions make it seem like Microsoft and Sony both did a good job.