Gamescom is about more than just dazzling the fans, it's also a major gathering of game development talent. Crytek decided to use the opportunity to show off some of the latest tech it's been adding to CryEngine. (By the way, they've gone away from the numbering system, so it's just "CryEngine" now.)

This demo shows off a lot of the engine's unique shader functions and also some of the under-the-hood development tools. It looks quite impressive, and also shows some footage of Ryse.

Our Take:
A lot of the more technical aspects of this trailer are beyond my understanding of game development, but it's clear that Crytek is giving the developers that use CryEngine a powerful set of tools with a fairly simple interface. That's good news for gamers. And, while this footage is impressive, it's also a reminder that the graphical gains in this generation will be about the more subtle details.