As promised last month, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are kicking off a Pokémon distribution event today at participating GameStop locations. Players who bring copies of Pokémon Black, White, Black 2, or White 2, along with their Nintendo DS or 3DS systems, will receive a shiny level-100 Dialga, the Pokémon Diamond mascot. The event runs until September 8.

Palkia, the mascot for Pokémon Pearl, will be available in shiny form starting September 9. Giratina, from Pokémon Platinum, will be available starting September 30. To be eligible for distribution, players must have acquired the Pokédex within the game and possess no more than 11 Wonder Cards, in-game items that signify received gifts. 

Pokémon X & Y are set to launch on October 12. 

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Our Take
With Pokémon X & Y fast approaching, this distribution event marks one final push for excitement around the current Pokémon games. These three shiny specimen would indeed be incredibly rare to encounter in-game using normal methods, but distribution events are always a double-edged sword; they offer a chance to acquire rare Pokémon, but they offer everyone that chance, so the Pokémon become drastically less rare overnight. 

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