The Fullbright Company, the developer behind the recent Gone Home, might bring Oculus Rift support to the game.

Gary Whitta, a screenwriter best known in the video game world for his work on The Walking Dead tweeted about his desire for Oculus Rift support for Gone Home. Fullbright responded that it was looking into it, and then Oculus Rift's developer and company CEO, Aaron Davies, jumped into the conversation. E-mail addresses were exchanged, and Whitta proudly proclaimed, "MAGIC JUST HAPPENED RIGHT HERE ON TWITTER."

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[Via: Polygon]


Our Take
I'm still not completely sure about the Oculus Rift, but Gone Home seems like it could be a perfect showcase for the device. It's a game about looking around, and immersing yourself in the home your character grew up in. Its lack of combat would also work well for newcomers trying out the device. They would be able to take the game at their own pace. This is something I really hope to see come together.