Back in 2011, Blizzard gave its modding community permission to make a StarCraft MMO using the StarCraft II editor. Now the project is seeking funding to complete the mod via Kickstarter.

StarCraft Universe is set in an alternate reality, where at the end of StarCraft II:Wings of Liberty, Kerrigan seems to have meet her end, many of the protoss are overwhelmed and defeated, and the remaining survivors fight for their lives. The game is a mod of StarCraft II, so you need that game to play Universe. The single-player prologue, Chronicles of Fate, became available on back in February, but it looks like the team needs more cash to fulfill their dreams.

Those who pledge to Kickstarter campaign will help the team reach their stretch goals to prepare the game for open beta in 2014, add zerg character classes, shape a MOBA-like PVP zone, and more. The team is hoping to raise at lease $80,000.

[Source: Kickstarter via Joysiq]


Our Take
This is certainly a cool project and one that many StarCraft fans are probably excited for, however it seems strange that a mod group would raise money to work on a property that they don't own – that seams counter to the spirit of modding which is done for the love of the game. Still, a project like this is time intensive and challenging to complete for a group of fans with day jobs. Sounds like a legally gray area. The modders probably won't make any money on this project; maybe Blizzard should just hire them.