EA and DICE have announced that Battlefield 4 will enable players to start progress on a current-gen system and carry over to a new console. At the end of July, the Battlefield Twitter account mentioned this was under consideration after Madden and FIFA declared similar plans.

In addition, EA unsurprisingly revealed that its lucrative Battlefield Premium season pass program will be present in Battlefield 4. Along with players' progress, content awarded from a Premium will carry over to next generation consoles.

This follows on the heels of Microsoft announcing that Premium and the Call of Duty: Ghost season pass will carry from Xbox 360 to Xbox One. Other titles may join this program.

EA recognized $120 million in the final quarter of fiscal year 2013 related to deferred Premium payments.


Our Take
No one is surprised that Battlefield 4 is getting the season pass-like Premium program. The revenue was simply too important to EA, which was able to monetize Battlefield 3 for almost two years. Being able to transfer that content and the stats is important for players, but far more important to EA. The publisher wants you to buy early and, if possible, multiple copies.