Social and mobile game giant Gree is touting the significant success of its Modern War mobile social game (iOS and Android). If you've ever wondered why these titles exist (and continue to emerge) this should help make things clear.

The infographic below shows off some information about how successful Modern War is. The gameplay is very similar to other energy-based games with an added base design and management mechanic thrown in. There are PvP fights, factions for teaming up with allies, and live events that give players a chance to fight for dominance over an in-game country.

During the live event, which was conducted over a single weekend, Gree brought in an astounding $2.3 million. That represents a 600 percent uptick over the average daily haul.

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Regardless of what you think of energy-based titles, the kind of revenue attached to them means they aren't going anywhere.


Our Take
Games like Modern War aren't geared for hardcore gamers, so its understandable if you haven't heard of this one. If there's one takeaway from this its that people who gravitate toward consoles and PCs aren't the only demographic. There is a large market out there that isn't interested in Steam sales or next-gen consoles, and publishers like Gree cater to them with great success.