The Batman: Arkham series has been full of fan service, not least of which are the variety of costumes that can be used in the challenge modes and around Gotham after the completion of the story. A YouTube group called BatmanArkhamVideos has discovered a new set of costumes for Arkham Origins.

The video shows four new costumes that will be available in Australia from retailer JB Hi-Fi as the Batman Legends pack: Long Halloween (a story arc that inspired a Catwoman costume in Arkham City), Thrillkiller, Earth 2, and Dark Knight of the Round Table. A quick trip to the retailer's site confirms the news.

When Batman: Arkham City launched, the pre-order bonus costumes were a tangled mess. The Batman Beyond skin was only available by purchasing an energy drink, and most costumes weren't even available in the US at launch. They were only obtained later via paid DLC.

We've reached out to Warner Bros. for comment about what we'll be seeing in North America for pre-order bonuses.

[Source: JB Hi-Fi via BatmanArkhamVideos]


Our Take
Love them or hate them, pre-order bonuses are here to stay. Especially when it comes to licensed games, the opportunity for fan service (and the related temptation to buy in to costume DLC) is enormous. I won't lie to you. I went out and bought some NOS to get the codes for the Batman Beyond skin. I just made sure to get enough for some friends to assuage my self-loathing over it.