Ouya has had some issues since its launch. Some backers who were promised early consoles didn't receive their devices until post-launch. Other received incomplete packages, or no response when reaching out to customer service. Ouya has heard the complaints, and founder Julie Uhrman is offering store credit to anyone who has experienced issues with their console.

If you feel you’ve had any kind of less-than-OUYA experience with us (a polite way of saying at any time you felt pissed at us for whatever the reason: late shipment, missing controllers, a delayed response to a CS ticket you opened), we’d like to give you a store credit of $13.37 to use toward any purchase(s) on DISCOVER.

If you're a Kickstarter backer, you should be receiving a message soon with instructions on how to redeem your $13.37 in Ouya store credit.

Head to page two to see the full message from Ouya founder Julie Uhrman.


Our Take
You have to wonder if an additional incentive to give Ouya players credit is to encourage players to explore the store. Right now, Ouya players simply aren't buying games. Only 27% of owners have bought games on the store. Offering store credit is a way to get players to take a look, buy a game or two, and hopefully come back for more.